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Back in the podcast studio!

Kylie Reid
16th Sep. '20

Well it has been a while!

5 months of podcast zooming has NOT come to an end, but I am delighted to have gone back to the studio last week to meet some incredible female guests – face to face!

Nothing beats eye to eye contact (even if there is a screen between you), and seeing Keith’s happy wee face made me happy too!

This week I recorded episodes with Gill Baird, founder of Cosmedicare – Scotland’s only female owned and operated cosmetic surgery company. I love Gill – a Glasgow girl who’s done incredibly well in Edinburgh, her story is a fascinating one. Managing to secure and build relationships with the finest surgeons in Scotland, there’s so much more to this business, and this women, than plastic surgery. As well as sharing her story, I’ll be uncovering all the other aspects to Cosmedicare that you might not know about; their role supporting women’s health particularly around the Menopause and Cancer care.

I also met the Chairman of Johnston’s of Elgin, Jenny Urquhart! There’s so much to love about Johnston’s, it was particularly pertinent to be chatting to Jenny during Sustainable September, they’ve been leading the way on that front for a while. Employing 900 staff in Scotland, and with a clear love for those employees and the communities they form part of, Jenny took over the Chairman role from her father at a particularly challenging time, but is approaching the changes with an enviable degree of poise and calm. That isn’t to say that these changes aren’t causing her a little heartbreak, I loved Jenny’s honesty throughout.

And finally in my lil podcast roundup, I was thrilled to catch up with Dr Laura Williams – after losing her husband very suddenly two years ago, Laura put into practice some of the coping mechanisms she’s used for clients in her role as a Clinical Psychotherapist. Laura has an incredible story, one of trauma, of resilience, of pain and one I wanted to share, as I continue to navigate my own journey of grief, to try to open up the conversation, and to help others heal.

Amazing women, I really do love my job.

Do have a listen to some of my conversations on EGG TALKS TO, I’ll be releasing a new one every week – and if you’re enjoying listening I would love if you’d leave me a little star rating, a review would be even better x


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