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Intuitive Eating with The Fresh Life

Alexa Freeman
29th Jan. '20

How many times have you finished dinner, feeling completely stuffed only to reach out for a chocolate bar (or 3) 10 minutes later?  Or perhaps those extra chicken nuggets sitting on your kids plate just seem too appealing!?  

This was my story for so long (too long!) and it was only when I trained as a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach that I stopped doing ‘shots of smarties’ hiding in the loo away from my kids! Later working as a behavioural change coach, empowering people to shift habits cemented this journey for me.

The art of intuitive eating is one that can change so many lives and makes that shift from caring about the number on the scales to how healthy you feel! Learning to listen in to your body, eating only when hungry but also learning to read how your body responds to certain foods can give you the freedom to enjoy food again rather than seeing it as the enemy! 

The Fresh Life’s Top Ten Tips on Intuitive Eating:

  1. Ditch the ‘Diet’ Mentality
  2. Don’t look as food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ think instead of how it will make your body feel
  3. Realise that food will not cure any feeling other than hunger
  4. Discover the satisfaction feeling (Not starving, nor full)
  5. Ask yourself what your body NEEDS
  6. Ask yourself if you are brain hungry (emotionally) or physically hungry
  7. Have you taken time to BREATHE today?
  8. Could this feeling of hunger be dehydration?
  9. What could you add to your plate to give you more nutrients?
  10. How will you feel after eating this?

With The Fresh Life, we run a number of monthly challenges and we are soon launching our six week intuitive eating program which will focus on empowering you to develop a healthy relationship with food.

All EGG’s will receive 20% off this course which will be launching in March. Stay tuned……X

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