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Your Wedding & COVID-19

Susan Mathieson
24th Mar. '20

Why now? Why us? How are we going to afford these changes? I can’t bear it! Everything is going
wrong! This is a disaster!

These could be just some of the phrases that sound familiar if you are facing the prospect of having
to postpone or even cancel your wedding due to the current COVID-19 crisis.

At times like these I think of the Buddhist saying – ‘Your Problem Isn’t the Problem, Your Reaction is the Problem’. Easy to say I know. As someone who has been working in the Events industry for over 30 years this is totally unchartered territory for all of us.

TIP No 1 – Stay Calm
But please stay calm, no matter how hard that feels. Getting married and planning your wedding
can be a very stressful time – without this hurdle to cross.

TIP No 2 – Consider Your Options
What options are available to you? Please DO NOT RUSH into decisions – another day or 2 will not
make a difference.

TIP No 3 – Your Priorities
What is your priority when changing the date of your wedding – you and your guests must be the
first and foremost. What is next – your venue or caterer or band? Photographer and videographer?
As a celebrant we often come quite far down the list – often after the cake! But in this instance we
may have to be taken into consider earlier on when you read your options below.

TIP No 4 – Your Venue and other suppliers
Your venue – remember they are also under a lot of pressure and while I cannot speak for all venues, most venues will not be covered by insurance due to the nature of this incidence which is a Force Majeure. Work WITH them – they want to find a solution that works for both of you.

The same applies to your caterer, the photographer, your make-up artist, the band – the list is

I have found by staying calm and being nice to people, even in the worst situations, brings out the
best in them.

TIP No 4 – Your New Date
When looking for a new date, remember you are not alone! Currently most weddings in May, June and potentially July and further on – may have to cancel. This means a huge amount of demand for
the latter half of this year. Do not think about 10th October 2020 which is THE most popular date this year! If venues are busy – so are bands, photographers and caterers – and yes celebrants! Choose a different day of the week – you could get your perfect line up on a Thursday, Friday or Sunday – Saturday is still the most popular date! Monday and the world is your oyster!

TIP No 5 – the Registrar and options for you
If you have already been in touch with the Registrar consider having your legal ceremony on your
planned date – it could be at a different venue! The Registrars are so helpful, they will tell you your
options. I am working with one couple who are having their legal wedding on their scheduled date – 28th March – at their parent’s home and having their big celebration at their chosen venue on 2nd January 2021 when their friends and family will be here.

TIP No 6 – be patient
My bride has dealt with this in such a calm and practical manner – and that is all she could do. She
was planning her wedding on 28th March and we will now conduct a small legal ceremony in a
different venue and her big day will be in 2021. She sent me this quote – and she is a fellow EGG:

“When you plan your childhood dream wedding that is supposed to be perfect in every way, you
could never predict this. I thought my March wedding may have cancelled from The Beast from the
East Part II but never this.
But it’s not just us, you have to remember everyone is fighting their own battles and when you can’t
control what’s happening, you have to control how you react to it.

We have supported each other, listened and respected our friends and families worries and
ultimately taken a decision to stop the worry for them, our suppliers and ourselves and postpone
until a safer time.
There have been no tears, because who knows, if they start they may not stop. But as I said, you
have to control how you react. And that’s with positivity in the face of adversity, which we have
done when life has thrown us challenges. Stay safe and strong”

Her words say everything to me. She and her fiancé Stuart have saved the day by the way they have
approached it, and they will now have 2 very special days!

For me personally there is no additional charge if you have 2 ceremonies, or if you change your date as long as I am available. If I am not I will not be submitting my second invoice. That is just not what we at Celebrate People are about.

I hope other organisations do the same.

I urge you to be patient. Remember that no matter what happens your wedding is about love – and
not even the Coronavirus is going to kill that.

My core business is corporate events and they are all postponed – but not cancelled. And this is just part of these challenging times.

I would be more than happy to speak to anyone who is worried about their wedding or not sure
what to do. I cannot promise to have all the answers, but I have been in the event business for
longer than most and would be only too happy to help. After all I do have a lot time on my hands!

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