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Top 6 habits everyone must have to take back control over their body and sporadic eating patterns

Victoria Doroshenco
4th Mar. '19

If there was one thing that could change the way you see yourself, change the stuff you put in your body, get you in the best shape of your life, make you stop beating yourself up and to stop sabotaging your goals, what would it be? – The skill to break old habits and to form new ones!

My name is Victoria and I’m a Fat Loss Coach in Edinburgh. Very early in my career I’ve realised that approaching fat-loss with diet and exercise alone was a short-term strategy that was doomed to fail. Instead I had to dig deeper and analyse the behaviours that caused my clients to gain weight in the first place. Your behaviours are a direct cause of your habits and that’s what I’m going to talk about today. Our whole lives revolve around habits, some you don’t even notice, like lacing your right shoe first, putting your head first through a top when dressing up, these are just automations that make your life easier. There are essential habits as well – like brushing teeth, eating regularly. And there are of course bad and good ones. The bad habits tend to stick while the good ones seem to always be a struggle to form. I’m hoping this article will uncover some clear strategies you can develop to form or break any habit you like. Check out my top 6 habits you need to take back control over your body and sporadic eating patterns:

1. Habit of goal setting
Buy an A4 notebook, title it ‘Self-Development 2019’. On the first page write down your goals for this year. But be realistic! I believe there are several rules at play when you set your goals:

a. Always use clear language with a limited time frame.

b. Use identity language (a very powerful tool – assuming the identity of the person you’ll become once your goal is achieved right from the get-go).

c. Make your goal emotional (visualise what will it feel like to achieve your goal, who will you meet? what will you wear? where will you go?) It’s important to know what drives you to your goal. Having an emotional attachment, a deep ‘why’ is a powerful driver! It’s the first place to revert to when the going gets tough and it inevitably will. You’ll just have to push through and keep reminding yourself of your big ‘whys’: why is this important to you? why do you put yourself through this?

d. Reassess – not all goals will be met by a set deadline. When that happens, it’s important to go back to your drawing board and reassess what went wrong and what could you do better, then write down a new action plan with a new deadline!

2. Habit of meal regularity – this one is a weak spot for many of us. It’s important to not overwhelm yourself by wanting to have a perfect meal schedule all at once. Start small, think of the easiest meal time you can tackle, tweak it a little, practice this change until it’s automatic, then tweak again, practice until it’s automatic, keep tweaking until you’re happy; move to the next meal, repeat the process.

3. Habit of structuring your meals around a protein source – Here’s something that will blow your mind! Dietary protein is the only macronutrient that can increase your metabolism (I’d love to share why, but that’s a whole different topic for another day). Not only that, but the dietary protein contains 8 essential amino acids that our body can only get with food, it cannot produce them on its own. If there’s not enough protein coming in from food, your body will start utilising it from your tissues, so essentially it starts eating itself! Muscles will get targeted among first! And as you might know muscle tissue is a highly thermogenic tissue. In other words, the more muscle you have the more calories you burn. So what can you do about it? My advice to you is to base your every meal around a protein source. For example: – breakfast – think protein – oh, eggs! Great, eggs and what? hm, fritata with olives, bell peppers and feta. Done! – lunch – think protein – chicken! Cool! what should I have chicken with? oh, avocado, cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves and a wholemeal wrap! Use this rule with every meal, learn to lift weights and you’ll soon notice your waist becoming slimmer and your arms more toned.

4. Habit of eating when hungry – this is a way to train your mind to take back control over your eating patterns, especially emotional eating.

5. Habit of always making the right choice – this has to be taught in school! Imagine never regretting a decision and knowing a strategy that will always help you make the right choice. There’s only so much I can fit in one article. if you’re struggling with making decisions, trust me, this book is going to make you a decision boss! Coming from a gal that would frantically look at a food menu for 20 minutes, trying to choose a meal, then would get consumed by indecision and burst into tears! The book is called Smart Choices by John S. Hammond, Ralph L. Keeney and Howard Raiffa.

6. Habit of challenging your limitations – this one is a biggie! It requires you going at war with yourself, your thoughts, your beliefs and your excuses. You’ll start by identifying every single thing you believe about yourself in terms of taking action. In other words, what are the things you say to yourself when it comes to a challenge? e.g.’ I’m just not a people person’, ‘I’m not a leader’, ‘I’m too old for this’ etc. Next step is to challenge every one of those beliefs separately. And the last step is to reframe it. e.g. Why do you think you’re not a people person? Well, because I have no charisma! Ok, well that’s something to work on. I thought it’s a talent you’re born with, you can’t learn it, can you?! Oh yes, you do, it’s a skill like everything else! Did you see what I did there? I’ve identified a limiting belief – Not a people person; I challenged it – why not?; I then identified what the problem was – I thought it’s talent, therefore it can’t be learnt; and lastly I reframed it – oh, so it’s a skill, I’m in control again, I can do something about it! If you want to read more about belief systems The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto is a great resource.

If you want to find out more about building or breaking habits I highly recommend you read Atmoic Habits by James Clear. Remember, you’re trying to form new habits. It takes time, patience and consistency. Taking baby steps is the best strategy I found in building a new habit: little changes at a time. Break down the big goal into manageable chunks, tackle one at a time, until it’s almost second nature. Great! Now you’ve got more confidence to tackle the next one! Keep going until you’re done! Then write down a new list of goals. It never ends. Life is a process. A process of learning and discovery. That is the beauty of it. If you’d like to know more about me, my services or book a consultation go to or follow me on Instagram and Facebook @victoriasfitnessuk

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